Visual Literacy

Visual Literacy is a subject which can benefit people in many different walks of life and on many levels. Visual Literacy can serve to give a cross-cultural and cross-discipline experience by laying the ground work for all of the design disciplines, as well as giving an appreciation /working vocabulary to be used in many newly created ways in several areas of life.

Visual Literacy gives the opportunity for people to experience this realm of creativity and perception that has been experienced previously only subliminally or subconsciously. The value of this knowledge and experience is only touched on in the statement, A picture is worth a thousand words.

With the explosion of the availability of visual information in the multiple forms of media available to us, gives rise to the importance of the content and the conveying of this information to all who use the spaces, places and environment of our world. This newly defined visual vocabulary may go a long way towards establishing universal communication. I am interested in the pursuit of the new doctoral degree in Architectural Education utilizing these capabilities.

My strengths are in my ability to convey ideas in the written word, the spoken word, in drawings by hand and by using all types of media, both analogue and digital. Environmental simulation was one of the skills I worked with in graduate school. With my background in Art and Writing I have created, and used multiple media to present and facilitate communication in the design process. In graduate school and to present day I have used video photography, photography (both digital and film based) to develop presentations to communicate ideas and opportunities. I borrowed an early video camera from ETV to do one of the first video taped site analysis. We also used it to experience the interior space and light in interior models which were produced to study natural day- lighting. We students constructed a heliodon to simulate sun angles. I currently use Power Point presentation software for a myriad of presentations.

I have used my communication skills in teaching settings for all age groups and many different venues. I have appeared on documentaries educational television. (NETV) I have also been a resource person for their producers. I have been a mentor to several high school students and a resource to their CAD drafting programs. I have been a guest lecturer in other college programs, like the Aviation Institute at UNO, the History Department at Creighton and the computer classes at Metro Community College.